Hello and welcome to Emu Park Aherns. Fred and Hilda Ahern were old identities of a little Central Queensland seaside village of Emu Park. The roots they set down there have grown in to several branches of Aherns and Ahern relatives.

If you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful family, please take a look at the family history pages. There are also pages on families linked to the Aherns, and a page on Emu Park itself.

If you would like to contribute to this site, or find out more, please contact me by leaving a comment or emailing me at jtahern@live.com.au.


Jessica Ahern.

10 responses to “Home

  1. Jim and Mary O'Hern

    We are James and Mary O’Hern from the state of Iowa, USA. My husband’s great grandfather was Patrick Aherne who was born in 1832 in Ireland (Waterford, we believe, but haven’t the proof, yet) Three of Patrick’s younger siblings were born in County Kerry. The last name evolved into O’Hern after they arrived in the USA.


  2. My name is Patrick [pat] Ahern I live in Co.Clare, Ireland. My father ,grand father and great grand father all came from Co.Limerick. My Wife and I are just back from an EXTENDED tour of Australia it started as 3 months went to 6 months and ended in 10 months. On our travels we met a Rick Ahern who is trying to trace his ancestors. I am not having much success here , so if anyone has any info.I would love to hear from them. …………………Regards Pat.

  3. Christopher Ahern

    My Grandparents who I live with are Joseph Thomas Ahern and Lesley Mary Ahern. Joe is Fred and Hilda’s son.

  4. Maureen Rawsthorne

    I am Maureen Ahern from Mackay in Queensland. My father Fred Ahern was bought up in Emu Park and is at rest in Emu Park cemetery. I would love to know so much more about the families still in Emu Park and elsewhere. An older family sort of adopted the three of us girls and our dad (Fred Ahern) and we were brought up in Emerald, but we knew all the Rockhampton Aherns and some from Emu Park.

    • Hi Maureen,
      Great to hear from you. My grandfather, Fred (he was known as ‘Little Fred’ and your dad was ‘Big Fred’) still lives in Emu Park. I’ve got some information from him about growing up with your dad, and also some photos. I’ll send them to your email address if that’s okay.

      Jessica Ahern.

  5. Hello Jessica and fellow Cousins,

    I am Melda Golding, daughter of Reginald Lawrence Golding and Mary Magdalene Hogan. Currently researching the Golding Family Tree and finding so much information I am not clear about. Would love to hear from anyone who has found the details of the ‘boys’ travel to Oz? Apparently the 3 traveled here together, but not knowing when or how it makes it very difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Cousins, looking forward to hearing from any and all of you. P.S. I am now living in Bundaberg!

    • Hi Melda,
      The boys did indeed travel out here together (Richard, Reginald and Herbert). In 1881, their father Thomas Mingaye Golding, who had been quite a prosperous solicitor was declared bankrupt. I think that as things were not going so well, at some stage the old man gave each of the three boys a few pounds each and told them to go make their way in the world.

      May I ask, were you ever in contact with Norm Chambers. I have some copies of his notes and letters and he mentions a cousin Melda.

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