Daisy was the eleventh child of Michael and Caroline, and the youngest daughter. She was born on the 13th of June 1899. Daisy married Edwin Thomas Edwards (known as Tom) in 1918. They had one daughter, Dorothy, and lived in Mount Morgan. Daisy died less than a month after her mother, aged only 38.

Dorothy, Tom and Daisy

Dorothy, Tom and Daisy, taken at Pumpkin Creek, Keppel Sands in the early 1930s

3 responses to “Daisy

  1. Hello,
    Daisy Edwards (Ahern) the 11th child of Michael and Caroline is my Grandmother.
    If you are interested, I can provide more details although I never knew her as she died 10 years before I was born in 1947.
    My mother, Dorothy, was her daughter,
    John Wall

    • Hi John. I’m very interested to hear any information you have about Daisy.I know very little about her and the family she went on to have. Do you have any photos you’d be willing to share? Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Jessica.

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